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Mother and Baby Craniosacral Therapy Client

Tanya, USA, June 2020

"My 3 month old son was on the stiff side and I noticed his ribcage was sticking out more to the left than the right as if he were misaligned somehow. 

Natasha used breathing to connect with us and then she focused her attention on different parts of William's body (even though this was via zoom). She noticed something in his right shoulder and put her attention toward it and just as if he were really being touch he clinched his right fist and became fussy. Afterwards he cried for a few minutes and then fell into a deep sleep. He woke up later slightly upset, but immediately his ribcage had reset and was aligned. It was pretty incredible,  I almost couldn't believe it.

Although not ideal,  in my case because I live in the U.S. it was the only way we would have been able to experience a session with Natasha so I was happy to have zoom available. 

I was quietly shocked. I hadn't known what to expect but it was amazing considering we did it remotely."

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Post-Viral Recovery Craniosacral Therapy Client

Jackie, UK, June 2020

"I had been experiencing chest pain, headaches and fatigue for months, following what may or may not have been a mild Covid case.

At the start of the session Natasha guided me into a relaxed state.  She then focused her energy on parts of my body that I reported feeling pain in.  Very quickly I became emotional and pain intensified for a short period.  After a few minutes of deep relaxation, Natasha asked me to notice if any memory came up.  To my surprise, I remembered an event from when I was two or three years old.  We talked through what happened then and why it might have come up for me now.  This has helped me understand how I’m currently feeling.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to go to a treatment room for Craniosacral Therapy, and couldn’t have anyway due to Covid, so it was nice to be able to have a session in the comfort of my own home.

After the session I felt calm and at peace.  I’m looking forward to having further Craniosacral sessions with Natasha and would highly recommend CST if you’re looking for a way to understand and release pain in your body."

Click here for further information on the Remote Post-Viral Recovery Craniosacral Therapy Package.

Online Yoga Client

Hannah, Portugal, July 2020

"I started Natasha's on-line classes in April and am always impressed at how her creative flow makes every class different from one another. Whether it is focusing on core work, hips and lower back or shoulders, she manages to bring your whole body into movement and gently, with reassurance helps you go beyond the limits you would set yourself in home practice. This is particularly true of her excellent yin classes. She is always introducing new approaches like her current chakra series, yoga nidra sessions and of course pranayama breathing and breath of fire adjuncts to her classes.

I am particularly grateful for all the alternatives she offers for so many of the postures which for someone like me, recovering from biceps and rotator cuff tendonitis have been key in helping me slowly increase movement. 

I can honestly say I don't know what would have become of my relatively new shoulder injury and longer term hip and lower back stiffness without regularly attending Natasha's classes. The gradual but definite improvement has been a godsend after a long time of stuckness in my body. 

Thank you so much dear Natasha, you are a lifesaver!"

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Online Yoga Client

Mary, UK, June 2020

"I started my yoga journey last year and was so glad it was with Natasha. She is such a lovely person, with great empathy, big smiles, expert  yoga knowledge and diverse skills.

Natasha successfully combines different types of yoga (seamlessly blended for  best effect for both the individual and group).  She encompasses other complementary therapies in her practice such as meditation and craniosacral therapy, as well as her wonderful artwork.  


I am finding the current Chakra related yoga sessions so different and enlightening! I have particular issues with my hip and knee and Natasha has always tailored movements to compensate for, yet also challenge, that.  I particularly enjoy the Yin Yoga sessions also, which help to stretch out and strengthen my core muscles and joints to help manage my problematic lower back and hips after the toll of working so many years as a nurse in the NHS.

I highly  recommend Natasha and look forward to further developing my own yoga practice with her expert tutelage and support."  

Click here for more information on my Online Yoga Classes.

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