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Warm, Nurturing & Relaxing 

in the comfort of your own home

Here For You

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic I have developed my online Yoga Sessions to provide warm and nurturing sessions. Participants engage in regular well structured and thoughtful sessions which gives me great pleasure to design and hold. Regular participation can reduce tension, support good Spinal health, improve digestion & encourage better sleep.


These sessions run weekly at GMT zones.


Monday 8.30-9am

Tuesday 8.30-9am

Wednesday 6-7pm

Thursday 8.30-9am

Friday 8.30.9am



Get in touch to be sent the ZOOM link

The Class Focus


Classes are based around Yoga Psychology and the Indian 7 Chakra system. We work with one energy Center each month and explore using Hatha Yoga techniques to tune and balance our vital energy. You are welcome to join in at any stage.


I aim to make my Yoga offerings accessible for all.

These classes are donation based. Please give what makes sense.





I started my yoga journey last year and was so glad it was with Natasha. She is such a lovely person, with great empathy, big smiles, expert  yoga knowledge and diverse skills. 


Natasha successfully combines different types of yoga (seamlessly blended for  best effect for both the individual and group).  She encompasses other complementary therapies in her practice such as meditation and craniosacral therapy, as well as her wonderful artwork.  


I am finding the current Chakra related yoga sessions so different and enlightening! I have particular issues with my hip and knee and Natasha has always tailored movements to compensate for, yet also challenge, that.  I particularly enjoy the Yin Yoga sessions also, which help to stretch out and strengthen my core muscles and joints to help manage my problematic lower back and hips after the toll of working so many years as a nurse in the NHS. 


I highly  recommend Natasha and look forward to further developing my own yoga practice with her expert tutelage and support.  




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