My Approach

I completed my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training at the Karuna Institute in Devon, UK.


I have developed my practice to deliver remote healing sessions which are as effective if not more so than in person work. 


I use the approaches which I was trained in to assist natural healing resources to strengthen and ignite.

With deep listening I support my clients as they journey through their life stories.  Anything remaining fragmented receives attention and an opportunity to resolve and integrate into a sense of wholeness.


During session work long held tension, stress, anxiety can release helping bones and tissues to align and move towards health effectively.


I have treated a wide range of clients with back/neck pain, sciatica, tinnitus, headaches, digestive issues, PTSD, Cancer Recovery. I have treated mothers and babies during pregnancy and after birth.


Craniosacral Therapy is so versatile in its capacity to assist anyone to thrive in their life.

Lagos, Portugal 

Carshalton, London, UK

Tel: 0044 7958 966 028

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