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Current Exhibition
September 2020 - Current
Portimao, Portugal

On 10th February 2020 I arrived in Portugal early from Uk intending to take a month long Herbal Path apprenticeship in April with Maureen Robertson at Melilotus Herb Farm in Barão São Miguel, Lagos. We were unable to do our live training on the farm due to Lockdown. However, Maureen and her partner Jose brilliantly guided us through an online version which was really supportive during a difficult time for me being in a foreign country in isolation. During my virtual apprenticeship in Burgau I studied the Bougainvillea plant. I was taken on a magical journey through all the countries of my heritage. India, South Africa, Uk. I created the Bougainvillea series in this exhibition from this study. 


Migration is a dominant theme in my family’s history. Each generation moving around from country to country. The reasons for which include war, racism and oppression. These movements have created wounds, instability and disrupted my sense of belonging. Through making these works I feel I have been able to integrate something. 


Since the course I have decided to remain in Portugal and continue studying with Maureen a while longer.

The other pieces in this exhibition are a reminder of the importance of grounding. Especially in turbulent times. Connecting to sovereignty and of what intuitively feels right.  


This is an online version of the show. Artwork can be purchased as well as prints. 


Please get in touch for formats, prices, postage and packaging.

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